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5 GEE!!! The New Wireless Plague

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If a fleet of space aliens suddenly appeared in low Earth orbit threatening to blanket this entire planet with deadly electromagnetic rays, everyone would panic. Headlines howling for all-out WAR!!! would demand that world militaries respond with maximum force to defeat the invaders.


Welcome to…



5 GEE !!!


The New Wireless Plague

By William Thomas



I was speaking with Sheila over my antique wired phone when she remarked how hard it is trying to talk to people who cannot look away from their screens. "They walk around with their phones like they have a drink in their hand," she said, causing me to howl with recognition, pain and glee.


"Just wait for 5G," I said. "That should finish us off."


"What's 5G?" she said.





She’s not the only one who wants to know. Move over Nirvana. Best displayed in comic book type, the hype is already hyperbolic... 





Yep. 5G threatens to provide broadband speeds over 100-times faster than current data streams.


Smelling gushers of profits, the U.S. wireless industry is prepared to pour $275 billion in 5G. To make it work, at least 300,000 more antennas will be required in the USA alone – “roughly equal to three decades-worth of cell phone tower development,” RT reports.

This will result, writes Renee Parsons, “in antennas every 10 to 12 houses in urban areas, thus massively increasing mandatory exposure.”  





But this is just the warm-up for an all-out assault on organic life in favour of machine intelligence. With so many products and machines needing to continuously share gossip, at least 30 billion tiny 5G transmitters are forecast for the Internet of Things in 2020. With 100 billion to come!


This will create a global “5G ecosystem” of super-saturated wireless emissions suited to our emerging robot overlords, “who” already control civilization’s vital water, energy, transport and communications grids.


Pledging to install a worldwide wireless network connecting “everyone and everything, everywhere,” the wireless lobby mafia, Wifi Alliance, excitedly proclaims that today there are “more wifi devices than people on earth.”



Forsaking gridlocked microwave networks for the nether reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum, full-saturation 5G millimeter-band wireless promises seamless selfie-vids, crazy-fast gaming, autonomous everything, streaming porn from Oz to Antarctica – and best of all – continuous communications between gadgets and machines worldwide. 


Less remarked wonders of 5G include total police surveillance and corporate profiling as every face-recognizing street cam and "smart" commodity we drive past, walk past, pick up or purchase reports our identity, location, probable predilections and destinations to data bases already bulging with our purchase and browsing histories, credit ratings, arrest records and menstrual cycles in unheard pulses hammering our increasingly addled brains up to 300-billion times each irretrievable second.    




5G (left)   4G (right)


Operating like continuous intersecting airport scanners, millimeter waves operate at a higher frequency than ubiquitous microwaves. But short-range millimeter beams are easily absorbed by buildings, trees and humans. So a locust-like plague of transmitters will be “needed” for machines (and the rest of us) to stay connected everywhere at all times. 

Whether we want to or not.


Thing is, the higher the rapidly-pulsating wireless frequency, the more risk it presents to all living cells within range, which – unless stopped by friendly Martians – will soon be everywhere on this planet above ground.


The 4th Generation, or 4G wireless, already blanketing our streets, homes, classrooms and officers emit up to 5 gigahertz. Which means that all body and brain cells within range are being whipped back-and-forth 5 billion times each second. This is already causing health effects as alarmingly discernible as childhood cancers and bulging Alzheimer’s wards.


Just wait. 5G will utilize previously snubbed millimeter waves with frequencies ranging from 30 to 300 GHz! When ladder-like DNA is oscillated 300 billion-time every second, 24/7, it tends to snap like swizzle sticks. The human body cannot repair double-strand breaks.




5G’s specialty is penetrating human flesh.


5G Uses Same EMF Waves As Pentagon Crowd Control” is a headline you won’t be seeing in your local papers. In the ever-exceptional USA, military, police, and the Democratic National Convention have already beamed “Active Denial” millimeter waves (95GHz) into noncompliant crowds to produce an intolerable heating sensation, causing them to flee.


“This technology is becoming ubiquitous in top world militaries, demonstrating how genuinely effective this radio frequency energy can be at causing harm to humans and anything else,” realizes Terence Newton in Waking Times.

In touch -Sun Ruibo : Global Look Press

In touch with big trouble -Sun Ruibo/Global Look Press 


As Martin Pall, PhD Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State U., explained in his letter to the Governor of California, thousands of studies show diverse health impacts from existing electromagnetic fields.


"5G will be much more active in producing health impacts because of its rapid absorption by materials in the body, because of its very rapid pulsations and because of the huge number antennae they are planning to put up… What this means is that the impacts on the outer one to two inches of our bodies will be massive."




A 1986 study by the amazingly-named Om Gandhi also warned that millimetre waves are strongly absorbed by the cornea of the eye. And that ordinary millimetre- thick clothing increases the energy absorption of the skin through a resonance-trapping effect.




Tom Wheeler – former head of the vast telecoms lobby group, CTIA, and chair of the FCC that “regulates” wireless transmission on behalf of industry – calls for unbridled “massive deployment” of commercial 5G transmitters. He means, of course, unrestricted by regulations. As Wheeler warns: “Stay out of the way of technological development! Turning innovation loose is far preferable to expecting… regulators to define the future.




The Next Worst Thing promises to be a doozy.


This is the first generation to have cradle-to-grave lifespan exposure to wireless radiation,” points out CL Russell in a recent study.


That span may be shrinking. Children who begin using either cordless or mobile phones regularly before age 20 have more than a 400% increased brain tumor risk.


Describing brain cancer as “the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg,’” researchers also observe that “no other environmental carcinogen has produced evidence of an increased risk in just one decade.”

5G "Criminally Insane" says top scientist -principia-scientific.org

5G is “criminally insane" says top scientist -principia-scientific.org


According to Principia Scientific International, Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State U., is “a widely cited scientist on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and a leading expert in how wireless radiation impacts the electrical systems in our bodies.”


Calling 5G, “criminally insane,” an appalled Dr. Pall is warning of eight distinct types of "great harm" from 5G. And not just to us nutjobs.


“I predict that many organisms will be much more impacted than we will,” Dr. Pall writes. "This includes insects and other arthropods, birds and small mammals and amphibia. It includes plants including even large trees, because trees have leaves and reproductive organs that are highly exposed.”

Among the “major ecological disasters as a consequence of 5G” cited in Dr. Pall's latest study are “vast conflagrations” as enhanced EMFs combine with climatic warming to completely dry out trees and shrubs.


5G is particularly dangerous for its:


1. Extraordinarily high numbers of antennae.

2. Very high energy outputs to ensure “penetration”.

3. Extraordinarily high pulsation levels.


Remember, wherever wifi comes for you, the problem is all that pulsing.


Turns out, the voltage sensor in each living cell on Earth is “so stunningly sensitive to electrical forces,” 5G is “an almost perfect way in which to produce EMF effects deeply within our bodies.”


Dr. Pall also anticipates “four types of blindness” resulting across species from 5G. 

Plus, a sharp uptick in kidney failures as our internal fluids re-conduct up to 300 billion pulses-per-second. "Fetuses and very young babies have much more water in their bodies than do adults,” he cautions.


Other things to look forward to, not mentioned by 5G cheerleaders, may include “a gigantic epidemic" of spontaneous abortions from diminishing pregnancies. 


“Another possibility is that instead of autism being one birth in 38, however horrendous that is, it could be one out of two, or even a majority of births. I don’t know that these will happen, but these are the kinds of risks we are taking and there are many others.”


So let’s do it, right?


Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world,” Dr. Martin Pall concludes.



Guess which plant has suffered 10 days Wi-Fi exposure...


The Weston A. Price Foundation “has found effects at every level of organization of life, from the behavior and performance of humans and animals down to the molecular and genetic levels.


This “insidious risk, over time, to living ecosystems, not least our own bodies, is dysfunctional,” laments Lynne Wycherley. “And spiritually disturbing. It suggests a mindset deeply at odds with the orchid-like beauty of the Earth.


We have ‘souled-out’ to a lethal technological toy,” sniffs Julian Rose.


(less than 2 minutes)



5G is not the next step in wireless evolution. It’s a leap off the evolutionary cliff.


The deployment of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species,” warns Dr. Moskowitz, a public health professor at the U. of California – species already challenged by an accelerating 6th Mass Extinction.



5G-fried santtitre (songbird) in the Netherlands - safe for your baby?


So how are the first 5G installations working out so far? In The Hague (Netherlands), a hidden test to see check the range of 5G beams and whether any equipment damage would occur, killed 90 starlings in the first three days – bringing the initial 5G death toll to 297 songbirds.


Concerned residents also noticed that swimming ducks “seemed also very strange” as “they suddenly simultaneously” ducked their heads underwater to escape this invisible irritant. Some tried to fly away and crashed “down on the street or in the canal,” reported the JDReport.  


“The animals are not emaciated, do not seem ill. They just fall dead from the tree,” worried Sharon Lexmond at the De Wulp of bird shelter.


Robert Barker of the Party For The Animals felt like he was on a “crime scene”. The City Council member threatened “to take a hard line,” when the avian-erasing culprit is identified.


In Norway, Trondheim is the third city that “also attacked the birds” with 5G, reports Armin Bahrami for Nyhet Speilet. “It has also happened in Sweden, Australia, United States” during initial rollouts.




“Already happened crazy things like with the cows in the Groningen Loppersum last year, where it was also tested with 5G,” Bahrami went on to note. “But also how, in Switzerland, a complete herd of cows in a ravine, collapsed when it was tested with 5G.”


No surprises here. We’ve long known that animals exposed to microwave radiation from mobile phones for two hours show signs of brain damage due to leakage of the blood brain barrier that persists over the next 50 days.




Insects absorb up to 100-times as much radiation at millimetre wavelengths as they do at wavelengths presently in use,” writes electrosensitive anti-5G campaigner Arthur Firstenberg. “Since populations of flying insects have declined by 75-80 per cent since 1989… 5G radiation could have catastrophic effects on insect populations worldwide.”

Peer-reviewed studies disclose grievous harm to birds, tadpoles, trees, other plants, insects, rodents and livestock. Bees’ hairs are highly sensitive to subtle EMFs. In controlled Swiss trials, bees reacted to mobile-phone signals with high-pitched ‘piping’ – an alarm call to abandon the hive.


Nothing can live without insects.

Except robocars...






“I live in Vienna, Austria, where the 5G rollout is suddenly upon us,” reports UN agent, Claire Edwards. “5G has been officially announced at Vienna airport and 5G at the Rathausplatz, the main square in Vienna, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its Christmas market” – and the square’s EMF-reflective ice-skating rinks.


“Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning: nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs.


Seemingly overnight a forest of 5G infrastructure has sprouted in Austria. In the space of three weeks one friend has gone from robust health to fleeing this country, where she has lived for 30 years. Each person experiences EMR differently. For her, it was extreme torture so she and I spent her last two nights in Austria sleeping in the woods.”




A growing problem is that many adults and children experience symptoms that neither they nor their doctors have been educated to recognize as microwave sickness,” worry Cece Doucette and James Perloff.


“This might include insomnia, headaches, nose/ear bleeds, dizziness, fainting, seizures, skin heating/rashes/tingling, nausea, anger, anxiety, depression, fatigue, cognitive impairment, suicidal ideation, addiction and more…”


Yipee 5G! -REUTERS : Thilo Schmuelgen

 Brain & body cull by 5G -Thilo Schmuelgen/Reuters


$25 Million National Toxicology Program research findings, released and peer-reviewed in 2018, corroborates that wireless radiation is a carcinogen.


Specifically: significant increases in brain and heart cancers in animals exposed to EMFs well below the industry’s International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation “Protection” guidelines, followed by most sold-out countries.


Several subsequent epidemiological investigations into wireless-brain cancer risks confirm that RF-EMF radiation is carcinogenic to humans.




Lloyd’s of London, Swiss Re and other re-insurers (who cover losses from other insurers) exclude wireless radiation risks from all policies.




Go for it? -drjockers.com

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