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Cancelling Russia, Cancelling Ourselves



by William Thomas





Magic Mountain ski resort, in Vermont, tweeted a video showing a barman dumping bottles of Stoli vodka down the drain. “Sorry @Stoli lovers. No more,” mocked the Magic Mountaineers. The brand is made in Latvia, with operations in Ukraine.

Portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky painted in 1872 by Vasily Perov, EPA

Portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky painted in 1872 by Vasily Perov, EPA


The University of Milano-Bicocca, in Italy has belatedly suspended Fyodor Dostoevsky. Or at least their course on one of the world’s most renowned authors. But “Dostoevsky was already cancelled,” reminds columnist Rachel Marsden, “having passed away in 1881.”

     “Not only is being a living Russian wrong in Italy today, but also being a dead Russian,” comments writer and guest lecturer Paolo Norie.

Russian pianist Alexander Malofeev was to perform in Vancouver in August '22. But he's been cancelled for being Russian


In Montreal, 20-year-old Alexander Malofeev has been outspoken against the invasion of Ukraine, where he has family members. The Russian pianist’s performance was cancelled anyway, after Ukrainian Montrealers whined about his skin colorreligionagegenderhaircut, ethnicity! Malofeev’s Vancouver concerts were also cancelled after the piano prodigy incautiously advised, “All I know is that the spread of hatred will not help in any way, but only cause more suffering.”

     Not to be out-virtue signaled, the Cardiff Philharmonic — along with orchestras in Japan and Croatia — cancelled concerts featuring compositions by the treacherous Tchaikovsky, whose connection to the Ukrainian conflict is especially troubling, since the Russian composer has been dead since 1893.

    In a related burst of insanity, Valery Gergiev was dismissed as chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic — and also lost his shot to conduct at Milan's La Scala — after refusing to risk retribution to his family in Russia by condemning Putin. 

    You don’t end wars through boycotting writers and musicians,” suggests Netherlands corespondent, Michel Criers. Regardless, Christie's, and Sotheby's have stopped auctioning Russian art. While one of Europe’s top opera houses, Spain’s Teatro Real, hit a low note by cancelling performances by the Bolshoi Ballet. 


In the migrant-troubled Swedish city of Uppsala, a charity performance by a local folk group to support Ukraine was banned after an alert woke mob complained that the band’s bandalaikas were “a symbol of Russia” equivalent to “the swastika”. Clearly, they were referring to the Nazi symbol inscribed on the torso of a young Ukrainian woman raped and strangled by Azov goons in Donbass. (Photos withheld by the author.)

    “The argument gets a little weird. We are not Russians, we just happen to play Russian instruments as we have done all these years,” commented band member, Jonas Nyberg. 

    “We have found it a little offensive,” chimed in the orchestra’s conductor, Andrey Dolgov. “Music is an eternal art. It should be beyond time, beyond politics,” he added,  maintaining that Russian folk instruments “are part of world heritage.” 

    Crazy, eh?

    Just wait.

Uruguay fans join Zabivaka during World Cup 2018 match with France at Nizhny Novgorod stadium -Christian Charisiu : Getty Images

Uruguay fans join Zabivaka during World Cup 2018 match with France at Nizhny Novgorod stadium -Christian Charisiu / Getty Images


Zabivaka, the wolfish goggled toy mascot for the Russia 2018 World Cup, has been removed from the promo video for Qatar 2022 at the request of FIFA.

“People were calling it one of the best World Cups in history. Apparently any positive mentioning of our championship is considered inappropriate now. Mascots bring back good and warm memories,” said State Duma deputy and former Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova. “Therefore, they are trying to destroy it, to ban it, to remove it. This decision is simply absurd!”

Russian students abroad better buckle up -edriving.com


Western countries sanctioning Russia are exhibiting “total discrimination against Russians that’s shocking in its savagery,” stresses an uploaded Russian Foreign Ministry report detailing incidents from some 40 nations. Canada, the US, UK, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states are perpetrating the most egregious human rights violations, These include  “refusals to provide educational, medical, banking and other services to Russians — who are also being fired from their jobs and evicted from rented apartments,” RT reports.

UK authorities are risking a diplomatic row by switching off the ‘panic button’ used at at the Russian embassy in London and the residence of Russia's ambassador to summon the police in emegencis. if needed. Which is becoming increasingly likely.

Sanctions are also being placed against Russian businessmen. Property is being seized from Russians. And attacks, threats, insults and deliberate damage to property are becoming the new norm. Especially in schools, where Russian children are routinely  humiliated and insulted by their classmates — while teachers turn an approving eye.

In Germany, teachers discredit Russia and misrepresent the causes and status of the war in Ukraine. Students of Russian descent who refuse to subject themselves to this abuse are threatened with expulsion.

“Such acts took place exclusively in the states that are waging a sanctions war against our country,” the ministry pointed out. “Their massive and organized nature allows to conclude that those attacks were planned.” 

The ministry is “especially concerned” about discrimination against Russian children, who are often humiliated and insulted by their classmates. Harassment of Russian students by fellow pupils and teachers is especially prevalent in Germany, where schools schools teach trash about Russia and mischaracterize events in Ukraine. Students who refuse to submit themselves to abuse are being threatened with expulsion.

 Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill -Getty/Time


On May 30, Patriarch Kiril of the Russian Orthodox Church, was sanctioned by the EU for preaching in favor of the denazification war in Ukraine, just as this writer heard a Milwaukee archbishops bless the bombers in Vietnam. 

     “Let me say this right now. This move by Ursula Von der Leyen and the EU Kleptocrats — this is going to spell their demise,” commented an outraged (Greek Orthodox) commentator on The Duran. “This is the end of the European Union. You do not ever, ever sanction the leader of a major religion. Believe me. I don’t make many predictions, but this (the destruction of the EU) is a certainty. This is an absolute certainty,” declared Alex Christoforou. 

Dismayed Russian kittycat hopes President Putin will come to her rescue

Dismayed Russian kittycat hopes President Putin will come to her rescue -Nikolai Khizhniak/Sputnik


This year’s Crufts dog show, the world’s biggest annual such event, is reportedly prohibiting the participation of Russian pooches.

    The Feline International Federation has already banned all Russian-owned cats from its competitions. The FIFe executive board insists they are “shocked and horrified” that the Russian Federation “started a war” that had seen Ukrainian government forces shelling Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass for the past eight years, killing 14,000 of them before the Russian army intervened. 

     The call for help from the newly formed Luhansk and Donetsk Republics came in time for a highly regarded lawyer named Vladimir Putin to invoke UN Article 51 and pre-empt the final assault led by the seriously Russina-hating, swastika-tatted Azov fighters proudly sporting the Wolfsangel “Wolf Trap” insignia inherited from the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich butchers. 

     Highlighting Azov is not meant to neglect their Black Sun, Right Sector, C14 and other National Socialist pals, who likewise share no good regard for the “separatists” who refused to live under the illegitimate government that took power after the 2014 Biden-Nuland-Rirght Sector coup in Maidan. That same government in Kiev has vowed their extermination. (The last time Russia allowed armed National Socialists to mass on her border cost 27 million Soviet lives. Nuclear missiles launched from Ukraine would detonate over Moscow in eight minutes.) 

     Ignoring such vital context, the Paris-based feline org says it “cannot just witness these atrocities and do nothing.” Since Russian soldiers are loathe to hurt the grateful Russians inhabiting liberated Donbass, the international cat club must have been referencing the videos Azov is showing off on social media showcasing their stomach-wrenching torture and killing of captured Russian soldiers. Just like ISIS does. 

     Scaling the depths of barbarity, Azov fanatics infesting Ukraine's National Guard have been using face recognition software provided by the American startup, Clearview to ID POWs — before taunting their mothers and fiancées back home with videos of their  castrated their loved ones. [Clips withhold by the author]. Clearview founder and chief executive, Hoan Ton brags that he’s donated more than 2 billion images grabbed from Russian social media to the cause of freedom and democracy in a brutal dictatorship that applauds Azov barbarity, jails opposition leaders and “disappears” journalists.

"2021 Tree of the Year Russia - Turgenev Oak". © YouTube:YouTube EPA


Back in nature…

     Winner of the 2021 international European Tree of the Year Award, the oak tree planted by author, Ivan Turgenev 198 years ago on his family estate was barred from competing this year. Same tree. Same provenance. Go figure… 

     After a 400-year-old Polish oak won the adjusted “competition”, Turgenev’s distraught tree fell over in a windstorm


A ban on migrating Russian birds may be coming, Ms. Marsden figures. This could save countless lives, since dozens of American-run bioweapons labs in Ukraine are strategically placed on Europe’s major flyway.

Anti-war protest is held in central Moscow, Russia, on March 6, 2022. -Sputnik

Anti-war protest is held in central Moscow, Russia, on March 6, 2022. -Sputnik


Russia's culture is a gift to the world,” implores Sholto Byrnes. “Renouncing it may make some people feel self-righteous, but it will do nothing to help the Ukrainian people. It would only deny them, and others, of great art that soars and inspires above borders and the often reckless disputes that mankind has inflicted upon itself since time immemorial.” 

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