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On A Wing And A Vax

United Airlines captain takes the jab -Getty Images.


by William Thomas

Let’s get the author's bias out of the way first: 

     I soloed an airplane when I was 16, as any son of a US Naval aviator who flew in two wars might. Whenever I could come up with the cash, I flew rented Cessnas on and mostly off for years in the States and Canada, before diverting savings set aside for bush pilot helicopter training into the bare hulls of a 31-foot trimaran and circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean instead. Somehow I’m 74. From what I’ve experienced so far, humanity’s most gobsmacking achievements are music, sailing and flight.

    Now, the airline pilot community and any passengers paying attention are doing casualty counts and coming to the chilling realization that forcing flight crews to take unlicensed injections known to cause sudden total incapacitation is putting everyone behind and below those pilots at risk. 

     How much risk? 

     Captain Bob Snow pops up like Lazarus. He should. On April 18, 2022, with 200 souls onboard, Snow’s heart stopped in the cockpit of his Airbus, just minutes after landing at Dallas-Fort Worth. Today, Capt. Snow blames his disability and permanent grounding on the Covid injection he was forced to take — even though he’d fully recovered from Covid the previous month, and had the antibody tests to prove it.

     How about the Envoy Air captain who died suddenly in flight on Nov. 19, 2022? Or off-duty American Airlines pilot, Wilburn Wolfe who suffered a fatal seizure following his COVID vaccination. Don’t forget that Canadian flight in December 2021 that was forced to divert back to the airport shortly after takeoff because the pilot, who was recently vaccinated, passed out. And so on. 

     Cody Flint had passed his latest mandatory flight medical 10 days before being faux “vaccinated”… and does not remember landing his Piper Pawnee crop duster after post-injection lesions in his inner ears caused both eardrums to burst. It felt like an explosion in his head, astonishingly painful and up-is-down disorienting. And the ground, as they say, was close...

ALPA In Memorium 2019-2021.


Pilots are taught to “fly by the numbers”. Mere mortals ought to pay attention, too. After all the lockdowns and lockouts, Airline Transport rated pilots currently transport some 6 million people every day. Nearly half that number may (or may not be) ascending and alighting from US airports aboard some 45,00 daily flights. (“Some” because interpolating two-year-old airline stats is like attempting to land in a stiff crosswind.) 

     What is indisputable is that right this minute, enough people to populate small city are chatting, dining, gazing at screens, or snoozing in the sky. Most must feel relieved to learn that both their aerial chauffuers have been “fully vaccinated”. 

     Or maybe not. 

     The Airline Pilots Association represents at least 61,000 pilots flying for 38 US and Canadian airlines. As pictured above, the now notorious “In Memoriam” page in the Oct-Nov ‘21 edition of Air Line Pilot Magazine (shown above) listed 1 deceased pilot in 2019, 6  for 2020 — and 111 in the first 9 months of 2021

    However, since ALPA's publication relies on family members to report their pilot relatives' demise — and American Airlines has its own union representing another 15,000+ members — the actual count must be even higher.


Emirates operates first fully-vaccinated flight! -breakingtravelnews.com


Online obituaries, memorials, and airline pilots blowing loud whistles on Rumble and YouTube don’t seem to faze airline executives and regulators, who must be as terrified as CDC and FDA directors over being held to account. Just like all those heart-damaged kids are ignored. Like the more than 800 European football (soccer) players collapsing in stadiums crammed with fans. Or all those news anchors, comedians and celebrities face-planting on the tv...

     “Pilots, children, 16 to 40-year-olds and professional athletes have heart attacks and strokes all the time,” we’re now being told. Which is hardly reassuring. 

     They sure didn’t used to, you might be thinking.  



What is your favorite flying fantasy that does not involve sex? Is it the one where both pilots keel over at 35,000 feet and nobody onboard can fly a plane? After making a panicky distress call on what you think is the radio but is really the PA, you take the controls, telling yourself this is just like your Microsoft Flight Simulator at home.

     “LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!” your brain wails. But the screams coming from the back segue into prolonged applause and several marriage proposals after you side-slip the gigantic 747 into a dirt strip, touching down as gently as a 910,000 pound feather.  

     The nightmare you can’t turn off is the one where you’re clutching your armrest onboard a widebody “heavy” coming in to land. The big jet's flying low and slow on short final with everything hanging out when, as the startled First Officer looks on in momentary bewilderment, the captain slumps forward, diving the venerable airplane into… 

     Thank goodness it’s just a bad dream. Everyone knows flying is safe and effective.

Is this a hospital plane? Vistara becomes first airline in India to operate flight with fully vaccinated pilots and cabin crew (June 16, 2021) -News18


Out of the blue, the Press Trust of India reported how IndiGo lost 10 pilots, Air India five senior pilots, and Vistara two airplane driversin a single month. 

     All “died of Covid” the airlines claimed, after racing to inject flight crews with graphene nanoparticles and self-generating spike proteins. By then, everyone who crashed a motorcycle or succumbed to a gunshot was “dying of Covid”. Since CDC-certified Covid-19 survival rates for relatively healthy individuals exceeds 99%, the notion of Covid killing 17 presumably uber-healthy pilots so quickly… seemed much closer to the Covid jab mortalities published online by UK, EU and US health agencies. Was this cluster of “Covid deaths” among pilots in India due to their shots? Were non-life-threatening Covid infections aggravated by the vax-triggered Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

    Someone in a newsroom was paying attention. “Mysterious deaths among pilots are increasing: Vaccinations are suspected,” Germany’s Report24.news reported on June 22, 2021

Water vapor traps heat -Wonho Sung

Water vapor traps heat -Wonho Sung


During that same week, British Airways lost four pilots. One collapsed alone on a hiking trail. Another had reportedly been “treated for Covid-19” for eight months in a US hospital, where he was ventilated before being shakily released in time for Christmas and his own funeral.

    With each jab further aggravating the Chapel Hill-NIH-Wuhan virus — and the infected vaccinated presenting with Covid-like symptoms, as well as wildly aggressive cancers, organ and brain damage — insurers and their insurers were freaking out. Excess deaths were off all known charts. And everywhere you looked, you found Bill Gates and those oh-so-profitable experimental injections being deployed in worldwide clinical trials. 

     “A ridiculous conspiracy theory,” huffed British Airways. “Sadly four members of our pilot community passed away recently... However, there is no truth whatsoever in the claims on social media speculating that the four deaths are linked.”   

     Wait. Weren't they all airline pilots? Interestingly, a 2014 study published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Heamostasis found that commercial pilots were already suffering an increased risk of clotting due to frequent and prolonged sitting and air pressure changes during air travel

     “Pilots sit for long periods of time. They don't get to jump up and run around the plane, or walk around as we do as passengers — increasing their risk even more,” points out Dr. Jane Ruby PhD, a pharmaceutical researcher with over 20 years’ experience. 

     “But now we're adding these spike proteins that your body's being forced to make. The spike proteins from the jabs activate platelets, which are our blood clotting mechanism.” While mcro-clots obstruct capillaries in unlucky organs, alarmed embalmers are pulling foot-long clots out of post-vax cadavers (viewer discretion advised.)  

     Your everyday, in-flight blood clot “is going to render somebody immediately unconscious,” Dr. Ruby continues. “It's not like we can pull over at the hospital here, okay? We're 35, 40 thousand feet in the air.

     “Now we have four deaths,” she accused those responsible. “And all of these pilots, we know from other sources, were given the injections. There are reports coming in right now of three Delta pilots in the United States that died shortly after getting the injection. There's also a report just a few days ago of a cargo pilot in Canada that passed out on the runway and he had to be removed via stretcher.”

     “I think I'm gonna drive,” declined her ever-voluble online host, Stew Peters. (Go ahead. Say what you want. All I know is that Peters and Dr. Ruby were the first to report this story during an online broadcast. They got it right. And they followed up. So did I.)


If you’re thinking, as I was, this is getting nuts, wait until a pilot flying for JetBlue tells everyone listening that four fellow fliers and an additional crew member died suddenly between February and May 2021. He added the troubling detail that JetBlue was no longer recognizing newsly deceased employees in internal memos — unless the causes “were obviously not injection-related.” 

     The Colorado Herald ran (since deleted) obituaries for Captain Robert Glenn Hampton, 62, a former US Air Force pilot; Captain Alexander Ross Givan, 50, Captain Benjamin C. Ingraham, 31, Captain Alan Herring, 7, and 57-year-old Mark Daigle, a JetBlue crewmember. All five Jet Blue members had been based out of Boston. 

     Next, we’re informed that Captain Ingram “passed away from cancer.” Which is, again, curious. Late-stage cancer would light up any pilot's medical exam. And any cancer diagnosis would ground a pilot for at least two years. It wasn’t as if Capt. Ingram had never had a checkup.

     Dr. Ruby wondered: “How many pilots and flight attendants have been jabbed who don't feel well, who have dizzy moments, who aren't feeling strong enough, who are profoundly fatigued in the middle of a flight?” 



Qatar claims world's 1st fully vaxxed flight -ews.cision.com


Members of a hard-earned profession that, since the vaccine mandates, has become more precarious than glamorous, flight attendants were also coerced into trading jabs for jobs. In September 2021, after four days in a near-coma, 51-year-old flight attendant Lisa Williams was still dealing with severe headaches, stomach problems, nausea. She was always exhausted. Her joints hurt. Her eyes had swollen nearly shut, and she could never get anough air because “an elephant” was sitting on her chest. When Williams collapsed into blessed sleep, wracking muscle spasms catapulted her awake. Her physician confirmed these “adverse vaccine reactions.” 

     Williams’ experience was not unique. After being denied a religious exemption, flight attendant Adrianna Uballe got the Johnson & Johnson. Around 24 hours later, she was rushed to the emergency room with symptoms similar to Williams’. The airline put Uballe on unpaid leave while they “investigate...” her

     These abandoned flight crew are not alone.


We cannot provide a description for this page right now -MSN website

All of these allegations are false” -Delta 

But Dr. Jane Ruby was reporting on calls she was receiving from concerned airline pilots and personnel. Including staff at Delta.  


Flying Dec. 15, 2021

After losing hundreds of thousands of priceless flight hours by firing its most safety-conscious pilots for refusing the jab, and forcing still more pilots into early retirement to “save money” — while being massively bailed out during the lockdowns (and using that taxpayer windfall to buy back stock and boost share prices) — the airlines found themselves curtailing flight training because of a deliberately overhyped Scary Monster. And turning away new hires refusing the jab. 

     This was, to use standard airline parlance, a perfect shitstorm. Remarkably, just as the airlines were beginning to re-occupy their ghost routes, the resulting pilot shortage caught the entire industry flapping its arms and making “erplane” noises. 

     By April 2022, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby was estimating that the regional airlines his carrier worked with had grounded 150 airliners. “There’s not enough pilots to fly them,” Kirby told a Senate hearing into the spectacularly convergent FUBAR. 

     By May, American Airlines was selling bus tickets for some short routes. And a regional was asking the FAA to allow pilots with 750 hours to drive its planes if they underwent inhouse training. That would be half of the 1,500 required, Leslie Josephs reported. 


Capt. Dave Morgan sues United over his  coerced vaccine, which ended his career after he collapsed in the cockpit -UAL


Just before American Airlines pilot, Robert Snow unexpectedtly ended his 31-year flying career on the cockpit floor of his Airbus 321 on Apr. 9, 2022, the former air force pilot remembers taxiing to the gate and shutting down, before standing up from his lefthand seat... and waking up next morning in an ICU.

     “I was very lucky to have collapsed when and where I did, as the aircraft was shut down at the gate post-flight and care was immediately provided,” he later said. “There was absolutely no warning preceding my collapse in the cockpit. It was literally as if someone ‘pulled the plug'.”

     Snow had taken the Johnson & Johnson jab on Nov. 4, 2021, “as a result of an unambivalent company mandate to receive the vaccine or be terminated.” Two electrocardiograms per year for each of the previous 10 years showed no indication of incipient cardiac issues, and he has no known family history to indicate otherwise. 

     Luckily, a registered nurse and a navy corpsman were onboard. Unable to detect a heartbeat, they initiated CPR. It didn’t work. 

    But Capt. Snow received his golden parachute early. 

     Paramedics “coincidentally” happened to be close by on another errand. It took three jolts from an automatic defibrillator to restore Snow's pulse. But not his flying career.


Since co-founding U.S. Freedom Flyers, Army combat veteran, former flight medic and furloughed airline pilot Joshua Yoder says Freedom Flyers has received hundreds of “heartbreaking” phone calls from airline employees suffering heart problems after receiving the mandatory fast-tracked injections. Health Impact News editor, Brian Shilhavy explains, “They fear coming forward because they will lose their job.”

     Most vax-related pilot fatalities occur on the ground. But not all. If the startling surge in single-occupant car crashes among the vaxxed is troubling, “boostied” private fliers and pilots of executive jets flying solo could be taking passenger roulette to extremes. Analysis of 534 autopsy reports of fatally crashed general aviation pilots has revealed a stunning 44% presence rate of cardiovascular abnormalities. “Evidence of severe atherosclerosis was found in a relatively high percentage of pilots,” wrote PUBMED study authors Narinder Taneja and Douglas A Wiegmann. 

EudraVigiance to June 2022

     According to US, UK and EU public health agencies, the Covid “vaccine” has severely injured or killed more than 4.5 million people in Europe alone. 

     Vaccine Adverse Events are grotesquely under-reported to the CDC. But even the small fraction of Covid “vaccine” injuries harried health professionals have the time and nerve to report to VAERS make for alarming reading. Two of of the 10 Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System events cited in that May 18, 2022 overdue notice to the FAA:

1.  Pilot-described symptoms began “almost immediately” post-injection as “constant dizziness, body aches, overall weakness.” Two months later he “woke up with chest pain and difficulty breathing. “I was diagnosed with inflammation of the heart cavity and pulmonary arteries…” 

     As a pilot and aircraft mechanic, “this creates an issue working on jets,” VAERS ID 1743012-1 remarked in the understated way pilots use to describe Big Trouble. “My heart has created irregular heart rhythms, I have physical stress and tire easily and my muscles will shake and twitch after minimal effort.” 

     Even more worrying for any inoculated pilot having to quickly assimilate complex missed approach charts at night in bad weather: “My cognitive skills seem to have diminished from the lasting brain fog.” 

2.  Another stricken pilot laconically called in: “2 days after second shot, blood clot in left arm. Hit while walking in my home. Could not lift my arm. 5 days later heart attack. Last EKG less than one month from my heart attack on April 29, 2021.” [VAERS ID: 1358033-1] 

     There are many such incidents on the tip of this volcano.

"Please put this on. Both pilots are boosted." -standard.co.uk

“Please put this on. Both pilots are boosted.” -standard.co.uk

See the concluding


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