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Island Cell Tower Public Information Meeting

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Presentation Notes by William Thomas

Hornby Island 

Jan 14, 2023

(Opening remarks)


Our community process and protocols are being ignored. A Toronto-based corporation is using dirty tricks to foist on us an industrial structure on that would destroy the rural values that brought us to settle here — and delight and refresh so many other human and wild lives.

     Our MODEL STRATEGY FOR ANTENNA SYSTEMS is intended to ensure that we and our locally elected Trust representatives have enough time and information to properly assess any proposed antenna system that could endanger both the rural character and habitability of our interwoven wild and human neighbourhoods. Cannot disturb view corridors

     I’ve suggested to Brian Gregg — Rogers’ hired flack catcher — that attempting to circumvent our community’s priorities and procedures is ill-advised. As Trust Regional Planning Manager, Kauer noted for the record on September 9, 2022: “The Model Strategy federally compels companies to engage in extensive public consultation before installation of cell towers.” 

     A single exclusionary Zoom linkup to which not even our Trust representative could log into hardly constitutes “extensive public consultation”. 

     The only photograph I’ve seen relating to the Rogers proposal is a satellite photo overlaid with the standard formula for tower height and range — which on Hornby would result in a wireless radiation radius of 1,500 feet. This danger zone for prolonged, low-level EMF and microwave exposure encompasses our recycling depot, ballpark, new firehall, community hall, clinic, dental bus, elementary school, credit union and library. 

Cell Tower May Collapse After Fire - LevittownNow.com


I suggest that EMF-withered foliage, a forest fire sparked in tinder-dry, steep-sloping summer terrain by an adjacent burning cell tower (of which their are many photos and stories online), any neighbourhood fires ignited by malfunctions in any of hundreds of “small cells” are too potentially catastrophic for us to risk. 

     And I’ve advised Rogers to consider potential lawsuits from residents suffering physical, mental, emotional and financial distress explicitly protected by our Charter Rights and Criminal Code. [Cell Tower May Collapse After Fire - LevittownNow.com]



Swiss Re’s “Emerging Risk” profile lists electromagnetic fields as the highest casualty risk due to “unforeseen consequences” beyond 10 years. The 5G transmitters sprouting from powerlines and 4G towers are considered high risk within 3 years

     Since re-insurers like Swiss Re are refusing to insure other insurers for losses attendant to involuntary wireless exposure, we need to know how much compensation is Rogers prepared to pay for damage to natural and human habitats, illness suffered by our young children (asthma, learning & behavioural problems) and mostly older residents — including emotional and mental distress), and…


Towers on Texada and Qualicum provide cell coverage to most places on Hornby. People that venture into steep, uneven terrain do so at their own risk. And anyone thinking of moving here should not expect the city amenities they’ve left behind.

Safety Code 6 applied to Wright Bros. glider -firstflightrentals.com


If Air Canada passengers were told their aerial journey was “protected” by “safety regulations” dating back to the Wright Brothers, nobody would board that jet.   

     At Licks [coffee bar] the other day, I encountered a big man who identified himself as an electrical engineer. “What’s going on at that table?” He was unhappy to hear it. “There are no studies showing harm!” I assured him that I had never met an EE who understand the biological effects of electrical fields. Only later realized referencing the notorious SAFETY CODE 6.

     Telcos like Rogers love to hide behind the industry-favouring Safety guidelines, which nevertheless warns that “electric and magnetic field exposures can induce internal electric fields (voltage gradients) within biological tissue.” 

     This is a no-no, Health Canada says, because studies have shown that wireless-induced internal fields “can result in spontaneous depolarization of the membrane and the generation of spurious action potentials” — at power densities way below Canadian guidelines. 

     Every gigahertz hurts. Continuously bend DNA’s double helix back-and-forth billions of times every second — and it’s bound to snap. As Lai and others have shown, the human body cannot repair the double-strand breaks that cause the most electromagnetic mayhem.

     In 2015, Health Canada rubber-stamped Code 6 by resorting to “averaging” and “filtering” those readings until the resulting “maximum induced electric field strength” fit within their guidelines.

     “Depolarization” of wireless-exposed cell membranes refers to rapid reversals in their natural electromagnetic field “induced” by artificial wireless EMFs oscillating at billions of time per second.

     Health Canada does not address these admitted EMF-induced “voltage gradients” because every living cell in your body slash brain depends on extremely subtly voltage signals to open outer cell membranes in order to take in nutrients and decant the hydrogen peroxide trash into your bladder. That same electrical potential regulates the proper firing of synapses between neurons clustered in your stomach, heart and brain. ANY artificially-induced “voltage gradient” is going to interfere with these processes and others in a body/brain operating at .02 volts.

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-Will Thomas photo

      Here’s where that nice EE got his “no studies” claim. Right from Safety Code 6: “Based on current scientific data, we have concluded that you will not experience adverse health effects from exposure to radiofrequency EMFs at the levels permitted by Safety Code 6. This includes exposure from equipment that uses 5G technology.”

     Safety Code 6 is blatant fraud. Here’s why. Half the members of the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel who conducted the 2015 review of Safety Code 6 had strong financial ties to the telecom industry, including the chair of the panel, Dr. Daniel Krewski, who resigned when his conflicts of interest became public. Dr. Miller and Dr. Blank were invited as  peer-reviewers of the report. 

     But when they challenged the results, the input of two pre-eminent researchers in human cellular biology and the environmental causes of cancer” were ignored.  So Drs Miller and Blank went public to reveal that the Royal Society concluded that its “survey of the evidence” supports the notion of the safety of wireless radiation because the panel did not consider the science that shows it is not. 

     Thousands of studies, and international petitions signed by thousands of doctors, science and health professionals demanding that the proliferation of cell towers, cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and cordless phones be reigned in have once again been swept aside by a contemptuous elitist process as corrupt as Rogers’ recent assaults on Nanaimo and this island.

     The corruption in Health Canada is well known for shuttling “regulators” and Health Canada directors through its “revolving door”.  The first assertion is contradicted by those stacks of studies. Citing “current scientific data” relating to 5G is even more startling, since — according to US Senate testimony by a telco official — no studies have been done on 5G safety. Nada. Zip. Zero.

If 4th and 5th Generation wireless frequencies are so safe, why do telcos like Rogers refuse to hear our health concerns?

4G & 5G

High-speed fiber optic networks are the backbone for 5G wireless installations. Every “small cell” cellular antenna on a light or utility pole needs a fiber connection to “backload” huge streams of data.

     There can be a significant problem with the high-speed fiber optic converters out at the street or inside the home needed to create electrical data signals from optical to run your stuff.

     The converters’ power supplies generate high amounts of wide-spectrum EMI. This electromagnetic interference piggybacks on the copper cable and phone lines into our homes, where it can radiate from every copper wire. 

     This EMI from the fiber optic infrastructure is a primary reason why electrical sensitivity is increasing when high-speed internet is installed in our communities.


Is Rogers worried that city councils in Belgium, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Britain, New Zealand, Slovenia, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and elsewhere are placing moratoriums and outright bans on the 5G that invariably  piggybacks on 4G installations?

     Over 400 scientists and doctors have signed the 5G Appeal calling for “a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G.”

     24 Canadian groups are appealing to the Trudeau government “for a national moratorium on 5G roll out."


Elected public representatives most often cite the Precautionary Principle to rein in untested technology. This safer default requires purveyors of potentially harmful technology to demonstrate its safety before rolling it out

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Site tower where can “access fiber optic networks to allow for (5G) backhauling.”


Areas that… 

— “adversely effect view corridors” 

— “detrimentally affect the scenic quality of a corridor”


— “site plan”

— “visual renderings”

Sightseers -Will Thomas photo

-Will Thomas photo


The WEFers are so concerned about climate they’ve just flown more than 1,000 private jets into Davos to tell the rest of us to eat bugs. (But only if flight crews are unvaxxed.) If globalists like Gates, Soros, Schwab and Trudeau get their way… 

     In February 2022, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) released a new report laying out their plans for the creation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a fusion of the “physical, digital and biological world.”

     Their plans do not include any democratic participation, where people genuinely can decide their own futures on a local level. 

     On the contrary, all mandatory “users” will have an Internet passport, subject to periodic review of your online activity. Your social credit score will be tied not only to your Internet activity but to your bank account and your injection status.

     If we don’t stop this by refusing these cynical initiatives, life by rental will be the new feudal serfdom. Digitized slavery. Billionaire globalists will own everything and citizens will rent what they need at the prices imposed by their unglimpsed, unelected “landlords”. 

     But only if your social credit score allows... 

"You will die with nothing and be dead."

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