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I Might Be Wrong About The West Not Wanting To Go All The Way


Update: Mar. 1 

The Pentagon has asked for a special hotline to be established with the Russian military to avoid any “mistakes” or “misunderstandings” that could lead to an unintended nuclear escalation. But with Poland now being used as a staging ground for weapons shipments to the Ukrainian Army — and Putin warning that if those weapons are used against Russian forces, the nations supplying them will be targeted — that can’t be good. Similarly, the US/NATO air forces flying out of Poland and Romania may be reconsidering their threat to engage the Russian air force, which owns the skies over Ukraine. But with Western media going berserk over how “Russia is losing” (even as they encircle the Azov battlaion and as many as half the Ukrainian ground forces in the East) — and many posturing fools in Congress pressing hard for war against Russia “to get rid of Putin” — Washington could be become hostage to its own rhetoric. More immediately worrying for Moscow, the US LGBQ have pledged their “support” to Ukraine

While Russian forces having taken inordinate care not to target Ukraine’s cities and civilian population (while being derided by Washington for doing so), with Zalensky now cyncially siting howitzers and heavy mortars within apartment complexes to draw counterfire — and handing out more than 10,000 Kalashnikovs to anyone who wants one (including gangs now looting and waging turf wars in Kiev) — the Ukrainian president is about to realize his deplorable desire for enough gruesome photo ops to emotionally blackmail other countries into sticking their fists into his tar baby.        

One thing is certain, the all-out financial war now underway against the Russian people is spiking already unaffordable food and fuel prices in the USA and Europe. Blowback from the US/UK/NATO bloc taking a sledgehammer to the world’s integrated financial flows can only intensify into major global recession. (Which is either insanely stupid. Or part of the Great Reset/digital currency trap.)

Meanwhile, Russia continues to supply much of America’s needed oil. And Gasprom has stepped up natural gas deliveries to Germany. But given Munich’s moves to enter this war, that too may change.   -William Thomas    

For anyone interested, much of my reporting is coming from these sources:

Andrei Martyanov (former Russian military officer now living in the USA offers needed and well-qualifie perspective) 

Alexander Mercouris (very measured, longtime Russian analyst with excellent contacts)

Coach Red Pill  (insightful Chilean in Kiev married to a Ukranian with two young children)

Scott Ritter (a very well-informed former US Marine intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector) 

Pepe Escobar (a veteran, well-traveled reporter offering a vital and often humorous geoplical perespective)  

The Duran (with daily correspondents in Kiev and Greece (sign up for free). Also on Rumble


Try making a few points and look what happens…

From Caitlin Johnstone:

“Russian state media have confirmed that Vladimir Putin’s orders to move the nation’s nuclear deterrent forces into “special combat duty mode” have been carried out, citing “aggressive statements from NATO related to the Russian military operation in Ukraine.” -Cailtin Johnstone

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