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Open Letter To Ezra Levant At Rebel News

Russian hounds cancelled! - AP Photo:Simon Dawson

Russian hounds cancelled! -Simon Dawson/AP


from William Thomas

To: Ezra Levant

Re: “RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE” -RebelNews Feb. 4/22

Oh Ezra. As a veteran journalist who learned my craft by trading Marquette University’s J-School classrooms for the streets of Milwaukee and Chicago, and the mud of Woodstock during the tumultuous ‘Sixties — and who later broke the story of Gulf War Illness for Monday Magazine and New Society Publishers — imagine this grateful Canadian’s rejoicing when I discovered that real journalism is still being committed by the reporters at RebelNews, who in their courageous commitment to the “ground truth” are as tenacious as pit bulls. But a lot more polite.

     Now picture my head-shaking dismay listening to your recent fulminations regarding the rapidly unfolding events in Ukraine. Not only did you lazily parrot jingoistic fakestream media talking points. Worse, was your failure to mention Russia’s legitimate and long-held grievances, repeated “red line” warnings, calls for the Minsk Accords to be upheld, and currently stated intentions. By measuring Russian actions against their rhetoric, Putin’s “lies” would be exposed. 

     Or not. 

     Just when your credulous, million-plus audience most needed to learn enough historical and contemporary context to help them make sense of these dizzying, regrettable, and long-foreseen events — we were given the usual misleading mainstream tropes: Putin bad. Russia bad. Innocent Ukraine good.  

      Shame on you. As a longtime newsman yourself, with a distinguished and respected record of standing up for the truth (or as close as we can both get to it), you of all people ought to know better than to take the cheap and easy way out.

      If you will permit me a few observations of my own:


As you surely are aware, the violent, US-backed Maidan coup that overthrew Ukraine’s elected president in 2014 after Viktor Yanukovych rejected an EU trade deal he had earlier been “persuaded” to endorse. 

     Rather than recognize an illegitimate anti-Russian government, Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics on Ukraine’s eastern border remained loyal to the deposed Yanukovych, a native of Donbas.

      On 6 April 2014, several thousand protesters raised the Russian flag above the Donetsk regional administration building. That same day, women and teenagers led a charge into the Luhansk branch of Ukraine’s Security Service, where the crowd captured 1,000 Kalashnikovs. The larger citizenry stuck to their indifference. And the phrase, “as long as there’s not shooting.”

     Still stunned by losing the largely Russian-speaking Crimea to an overwhelming pro-Russia vote, Kyiv (Kiev) did not respond.

     Finally goaded into a action by a vicious fascist fringe unafraid to commit bombings and assassinations, Kiev finally responded. As did Russia. As Aleksandr Khodakovsky, leader of the DNR “Security Council” explained, for the newly formed Donetsk People’s Republic this was a “question of our survival”.

     When the shooting stopped, the UN counted nearly 9,000 dead and 20,000 wounded. With more than 2.5 million Ukrainians having fled their homes. Where was your outcry then?


Sporadic shelling of DNR towns and villages by Ukrainian forces continued. Only to increase to a constant drumbeat (recorded and posted online by residents of Donetsk holding up cameraphones in their back yards.) To everyone involved — especially an increasingly concerned Kremlin — it was clear that with the drying out of dirt roads following the winter snows and 60,000 Ukrainian trips on the border of Donbass, a full-on invasion was imminent. 

     What were the Bad Russians to do? With Ukrainian forces randomly killing and maiming newly-minted Russian civilians, the US moving to install NATO forces on Russia’s border, and Zelensky recklessly boasting of acquiring nuclear weapons, Moscow continued to warn that Russia could not ignore threats as excruciatingly existential as a ballistic missile’s 8-minute flight time the Russian capital (4 by hypersonics). 

     Oddly enough, I did not hear RebelNews make the obvious point that if Washington was in its rights to remove nuclear missiles from Cuba in 1962, after invading that effectively defenseless country to depose Castro the previous year — why is it wrong for Putin to finally move to secure Russia’s borders against nuclear weapons-aspiring psychos thirsting for Russian blood? 

     The Russian people have long and abiding memories of their 27 million dead the last time they allowed Nazis to mass on their borders. A single nuclear detonation over a Moscow could accomplish half that carnage — not in four years, but in the flash of a second sun. 

     I submit that the threat of a nuclear “exchange” is worth everyone’s attention.

Zelenski proudly displays Swastika shirt

Zelenskyy sides with the “Ukronazis” 


Similarly, your unreflective talking point that “Russia invaded eastern Crimea in 2014” ignores the not inconsiderable fact that Crimea was the first to refuse the illegitimate political offspring of Maidan. Until this month, they too were constantly and publicly threatened with annihilation by the “Ukronazis” — a Russian appellation for the Azov and Right Action fascist elements all Ukranian leaders must answer to. 

     To paraphrase author Daniel Quinn, even before the  Donbas(s) uprising, they looked around and said: “They’re saying we have to die. They’re saying we have to be wiped out. Why do they have to murder us?”

     Of course, the peoples of secessionist Crimea and Donbass knew why. They speak Russian. Even worse for their neo-Nazi antagonists, they retain roots with their mother country that long predate Lenin’s ill-considered creation of Ukraine. 

     So how about referencing the Azov regiment? These proud thugs still march annually in Kiev, displaying their SS-derived lightning-bolt banners, while loudly celebrating the creation of Nazi Germany’s Waffen 14th SS in 1943. You will recall that this Ukrainian “Galicia” Division enthusiastically exterminated Ukrainian Jews, ethnic Russians and other undesirables by the trainloads. 

     Was Eastern Crimea “annexed” by Russia? Yes. Did Russia “invade” Crimea, as we’re we’ve been told so endlessly and breathlessly ever since? Ask the mostly Russian residents, who voted by 97% to return to their motherland. Not much a stretch, really, given that Eastern Crimea has been repeatedly paid for in Russian blood dating back to the Tsars. 

     Or simply check out the cellphone coverage of the joyous crowds dancing and waving Russian flags in the streets of Kerch on the day their newly restored  status was recognized by Russia. 

     Just as the citizens of “conquered” Donbass celebrated in joy and relief on February 24.

West united in their support of Ukraine...


Speaking of Swastikas. Was that Trudeau’s false flag displayed from a hotel window just long enough to be recorded by the fakestream media? No one in the Freedom Convoy saw it. Or they would have taken it down. 

     Interestingly, Andriy Parubiy, co-founder of the Neo-Nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine, was invited by Justin Trudeau to Ottawa in 2016, where they proudly stood shoulder-to-shoulder hands for a photo op. Parubiy is a strong supporter of the World War II Nazi leader, Stepan Bandera — who was subsequently bestowed with a Hero of Ukraine award, and a Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kiev (Kyiv).

     Less than a year later, the Canadian Prime Minister found himself once again embroiled in a scandal after he and German Foreign Minister publicly greeted Ukrainian leaders using the phrase “Slava Ukraini!” 

     They might have just rendered the Nazi salute. “Glory to Ukraine” is usually answered with “Glory to Heroes” in a ritualized refrain popularized by Bandera’s Nazi collaborators.

     Under Stepan Banderas, grandson of the long-dead Nazi collaborator by the same name, Canada’s “secretive, crypto-fascist cult of personality” has maintained an active association of “Banderites” since 1948. But their recent gathering have not gone unnoticed. In June 2020, a memorial to the Ukrainian division of the Waffen-SS in a cemetery in Oakville, Ontario was spray-painted with the helpful caption: “Ukrainian Nazi Monument.” 

     Is defacing a Nazi memorial vandalism?

Ukraine’s origins, Ukronazis and the SS, military situation, civilian plight, dangers, outlook 

Full context. Must watch.                                                                                       39:09


In sharp contradistinction to America’s indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations in 35 countries since WWII, Russia’s terrifying but painstakingly disarming of Ukraine has primarily relied on stand-off artillery, missiles and jets — whose ear-splitting precision had stunned the US-backed jihadists, as well as military observers in Syria. The evil Russkies have not targeted cities or civilians, whose infrastructure — including hydro, sewage, water, communications and even the Internet —  remain intact.

     According to Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, 137 civilians and military personnel were killed in the country on the first day of the Russian invasion. Though updated figures are not available, the trend is clear: Russia is taking extraordinary care not to target Ukrainian civilians. Which unfortunately makes them ideal human shields for the Ukronazis. 

     As a former “military guy” before resigning my USNR commission over the slaughter in Vietnam, I can say with some authority that except for those civilians tragically  caught in the crossfire near Ukrainian military installations, this is the “softest invasion” (to borrow Scott Ritter’s memorable phrase) ever mounted by a major power. No, Ezra. This exasperated bear is demonstrably not running amok. 

     Having walked among the miles of bombed and burned-out school buses, taxis and private cars strewn along the rusting junkyard of Kuwait’s Highway To Hell, I can only marvel at the west’s — and so-called “journalism’s” — stunning double-standards. 

     Never forget, dear Ezra, it was Canadian air force pilots who sealed off that main two-lane road to Basra, before joining NATO warplanes in slaughtering an estimated 10,000 civilian guest workers and terrified barefoot Iraqi teenage conscripts fleeing for their lives. (This egregious and little-remarked war crime is detailed in my books, Bringing The War Home and Days of Deception: Ground Zero and Beyond, New Society Publishers)

     War sure is fun when the other side can’t shoot back.


As for those dastardly Russians… You also left out the part where Mr. Putin invoked UN Charter Article 51, part 7, which grants “the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations.” As a UN member facing open hostilities on its border, Russia has every legal right to intervene on its own behalf. 

     They’d rather not. The Russian Government has often stated that it wants nothing to do with occupying and becoming responsible for America’s latest failed state. They’re busy enough building one of the most resilient economies and yes, open societies — while dealing with NATO’s creeping and creepy encroachment. They simply do not need that aggravation. 

     But unlike the woke USA, Russia does require secure borders. Whatever else they might be, Russians are not crazy.  


From what I’ve experienced of armed conflict and its aftermath, the least damaging way to prosecute an otherwise entirely avoidable war is to be careful what you aim at, and end it quickly and decisively. 

     Yet, to those whose only war experience comes from aiming a clicker, the speed and force of the Russian blitzkrieg was shocking. Surely, the end of Moscow’s long-tested patience was not. If you keep poking a bear while ignoring the ever-increasingly volume of its growls — what do you expect? 

Americans living in Russia


Your concern that the US military might be unable to defeat their Russian counterparts is accurate. For uttering that little-voiced but crucial doubt, I salute you. 

     American commanders watching events unfold across Ukraine understand full well that their increasingly ill-trained, physically and mentally soft, vaccine- and woke-crippled forces, who have not mounted combined combat arms on the scale Russian forces are demonstrating since WWII, would quickly become dogmeat if ordered to confront this superbly trained, equipped and motivated antagonist half a world away from easily interdicted Stateside resupply. 

     (For my commentary on the F-35, the navy’s Little Crappy Ships, and similarly unreliable weapons and doctrine, see my upcoming ebook, Misfire! How America’s Broken Military Risks Nuclear War)

     A media-terrorized world can take comfort that American and NATO forces can only race around Europe, staying well clear of Ukraine, while waving their hands against a “Russian invasion” that will never be initiated by a government that has turned its back on its “unreliable partners” and a stunningly self-destructive EU. 

     Which is a Very Good Thing. Because to risk rapid defeat in the paws of an angry bear would leave Washington “strategists” as clueless as Biden, Blinken and “fuck the EU” Nuland with only one recourse: to press the Big Red Button. After which, as Putin has pointed out many times, all further discussion will be moot.

Moscow - Getty Images : Marina Tarasova

Moscow -Marina Tarasova/ Getty 


Say what you will about Vladimir Putin — and many uninformed people do — this highly skilled lawyer and former intelligence official’s detailed grasp of Russian history and geopolitics is on display in every international address he makes. How many have of Putin’s speeches have you listened to in translation? Or read in English transcripts?

     In his annual public press conference, the President’s detailed responses to questions and critiques ranging from stagnant wages in Siberia to lack of adequate housing in Vladivostok is something I have not witnessed since the afternoon I spent with Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, while covering his visit with Margaret and little Justin to the Habitat Forum as a “photog” for the Vancouver Sun.

     I invite you to compare the President of the Russian Federation’s measured rhetoric with his actions. Then do the same with Foreign Minister Lavrov. But be careful! You may find yourself agreeing that no amateur statesman or woman this side of Beijing is remotely in the same league. 

     No wonder the Russians have finally given up trying to talk to clueless children completely unschooled in the arts of diplomacy. Same with the exasperated Chinese, who, like everyone else with grievances, just want to be heard. And left alone.

     After what just transpired in Ottawa, certainly Canadians, can relate to that.


The forgotten families of Donbass are safe from those who have pledged their destruction. Russia’s border is secure. Ukraine will not be acquiring nuclear weapons or NATO status. An undisclosed number of Ukronazis are en route to Moscow to answer for their crimes. And Crimeans got their water back.


Back in the hootenanny days, I used to perform Peter, Paul and Mary’s, “When will they ever learn?” 

     I’m singing that refrain now. If the Government of Ukraine does not learn from Georgia’s Five Day War against Russian forces defending yet another breakaways republic, they will continue to be forcibly disarmed. And the result is going to be an even bigger mess.

     We are still in early days. And in light of Putin’s pledge to “de-Nazify” Ukraine, things go still go seriously south and sideways. If Azov and Right Sector fanatics elect to fight it out in the cities, Moscow will be faced with a tough choice: Go after the the UkroNazis with full military power, destroying urban streets with attendant civilian deaths and injuries? Or walk away and let this unresolved threat fester?

     On the other side, Washington has achieved its “toldja” objective of further demonizing Russia, once again “cancelling” Nordstream2, and driving a panicked Europe into its grasp. Without cheap Russian natural gas, Germany’s industrial resurgence has been rendered uncompetitive and irrelevant. 

     But the neocons are facing huge blowback, too. Not only in the UN Security Council — where China, India and even Georgia have voted against condemning the Russian attacks on Ukraine — but also on the world stage, where their failure to come to that country’s assistance after largely instigating that proxy war, are not being well received.   

The great news is: America’s bloody hegemony is finally over, a newly prosperous bipolar order is aborning in East Asia and the Global South, and Washington’s latest hypocrisy is now as exposed as the CDC’s and that other Trudeau’s.    


Finally, as a fellow practitioner of a still noble trade, I would emphasize that while most people outside Canada have the right to express their opinion, in this current gaslit climate of hysteria, more bullshit and bombast from any side is not helpful.

     Instead, we would all benefit from more carefully considered context and nuance in the narratives presented by those burdened by the responsibilities attending their considerable influence and reach. 

     I am not demanding that you side with Russia. I’m insisting that you resume acting like the professional reporter you are. Either stand up for the RebelNews motto and relate “the other side”. Or refrain from reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes until you gather the information you lack. 

How NATO Expanded Eastwards

     I am calling out Washington as the real instigator of what could yet turn out to be a world-derailing bloodbath. 

     Will you?


William Thomas

Hornby Island, BC

Feb. 27, 2022

Russian Cats banned! - kittycat sits near a laptop showing a live broadcast of Russian President Vladimir Putin's address to the nation ©  Sputnik : Nikolai Khizhniak

Banned Russian kittycat watches live broadcast of President Vladimir Putin's addressing the nation -Nikolai Khizhniak/Sputnik

PS (Mar 11): 

Pentagon bio-laboratories have spread diseases in Ukraine

Does the presence of 11 US-funded and operated bioweapons labs in Ukraine qualify as a legitimate reason for Russia's pre-emptive “special security operation”? Under UN codes and international law: Yes.

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