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Two days ago, with the high-turnout referenda completed amidst the ninth year of Ukrainian shelling and the four regions of Donbas set to return to Mother Russia by mid-next week, President Vladimir Putin promised to activate Nordstream 2 the moment Germany lifts the sanctions that have revitalised Russia and crushed Britain and the EU. 

     Germany seemed receptive. 

     And the Kingdom of Saud was reportedly making progress working out a ceasfire in Ukraine.

     The all-in neocons panicked.

     Following widely-publicized pledges by Maidan-coup sponsors Biden and Nuland to “put an end” to the pipelines guaranteeing European energy independence from the USA, Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 were blown up in a region heavily patrolled by NATO. By Russia, of course. Because instead of simply keeping the taps turned off on both pipelines *, the Kremlin suddenly decided to demolish its multi-billion dollar investment and potentially massive twin income streams — along with its strongest negotiating lever against a Russophobic EU commited to “destroying” Россия

     Makes perfect sense. If you’re a CNN devotee with a brain the size of a Bill Gates microdot.

    Meanwhile, the US Navy just happened to be steaming near yesterday's twin underwater demolitions — after completing underwater demolition drills in the same area off the coast of Denmark. This task force was led by USS Kearsarge — a combined sea/air assault ship capable of supporting demolition divers and/or a submersible better able to operate for prolonged periods at 80 meters depth. 

    Just a “coincidence,” of course. Nothing to see here. Except in 2008, just as Iran was set to open its own oil bourse and start trading supertanker cargoes in “non-dollar-currencies”… in an area that had not seen surface ship activity over the past 12 hours, two vital undersea bourse cables were mysteriously severed. Scuttling the bourse. And saving the US dollar as the sole international reserve currency. Until now.

    This time around, attacking the infrastructure of the Russian Federation is an act of war on that nation. And a death blow to an already tottering Europe. It is also a demented act of eco-terrorism that is even now spewing a massive methane-warming pulse next door to Earth's biggest store of... thawing methane.

    All this from a handful of high-flying, coal-fired globalists seeking to derail your life to “save the planet".

     Meanwhile, as Washington continues stockpiling iodine tablets, national networks offer ludicrous “what to do in an atomic attack” advice, and Russian VIPs around the world are ordered home  to regain an obsolete and crumbling hegemony, updated US nuclear doctrine calls for a pre-emptive “limited nuclear war” that America will win

     If the Pentagon accepts that launch order — perhaps in response to a neocon false flag nuclear strike on Kiev (Putin did it!) — the results of Washington’s ultimate Ukraine “exit strategy” could soon become the most literal “fallout” from that blatantly stolen US presidential election.  

     Scenario 2 NATO enters the war to “protect European infrastructure” and tangles directly with Russia inside its new border. Weapons and industry-depleted NATO gets trounced. With the same result.

     Flash bulletin to those neocon maniacs: Once the nuclear threshold is crossed, there will be nothing “limited” in what follows. “Use ‘em or lose ‘em”, as I learned during my US Navy Reserve Officer Training. 

     No one “wins” a nuclear war.  

     But the neocons have nothing left to lose. 

-William Thomas

*(Gazprom suspended operation of Nordstream 1 on Sept. 2. Nordstream 2 was pressurized on completion but never activated after Washington vetoed that EU project.) 


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