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Identity vs Reality In The Trans-Formation Of The West

by William Thomas 

For every human animal, our perception is our reality. And in the inevitable clashes between "fluid" sexual identities versus stubborn social and implacable biological realities – identity must win when one's entire psychological construct is at stake.  But what happens when "gender variance" is not congruent with the toe-stubbing laws of nature? Many who succumb to swapping genitalia are finding out. Depression is rampant and the trans suicide rate is a shocking 40% – with or without surgery.    

     Whatever your chosen belief, the X-Y chromosomes established at conception cannot be altered or replaced.     

     And it is unwise to threaten the hard-won truths and delusions of the many, whose self-image broadly meshes with the deep social waters in which all conformists and revolutionaries must swim. Threaten or disparage Joan and Jack Deplorable at your peril.     

     Just ask Hillary.

     Turns out, the three-million-year-old animal that survived to become us is hard-wired to respond to the unfamiliar, unexpected and incongruous with immediate suspicion, even alarm. Unless and until extreme (“queer") novelties become familiar. Or are personally confirmed as not presenting a physical, psychological or societal threat.     

     Recoiling from biologically unnatural configurations is a deep-rooted, evolutionarily-adapted animal response – not a moral judgment. (An assortment of labels often follow, however, to legitimize, exaggerate or downplay that initial startle-avoidance reflex.)     

     Can we be "better" than our evolved nature? Can we override our limbic reactions with learned responses?     

     Should we?       

     We do it all the time. As our understanding grows, we learn to match words with deeds, and deeds with consequences. Then we modify our reactions to match these realizations.     

     Oh, that’s okay, we tell ourselves after another atrocity or surveillance technology is revealed. No big deal.     


     What if our hard-wired responses to novelties as radical as surgically-altered, "mix-gendered" hominids are being manipulated by the invested interests who control unlimited mass-mesmerizing "pixel-dust”? You know, the adherents of Goebbels and Bernays who insist we must accommodate everyone sincerely espousing absurdities, lest we hurt their feelings.     What will happen when the new abnormal is presented as normal, and the abhorrent as heroic (pick your issue) – just as our fragile self-absorption, endlessly-arranged distractions, and growing aversion to any unpleasant reminders intersect the converging vectors of mass extinction our complicit indifference has set in motion?     

     Already, more than feelings are being hurt. Ask any gay and trans person. Or fired school teacher.     

     Don’t just follow the money.     

     Follow the timing.     

     Legislators, who have hardly been traditional allies of gay and trans communities, are finally enacting laws to prohibit discrimination based on sexual identification in and outside the workplace. Right-minded people would call this progressive, if not long overdue.     

     But passing new laws to protect minorities may not be beneficial when they discriminate against everyone else. Even as I write, lawmakers in Canada, the USA (and elsewhere) are rushing to criminalize anyone who dares question the biologically bizarre claim that men can be turned into women, and women into men – or some 70 other “genders” – simply by saying so.    


What’s next in this PC mania? Change my age by declaration? Switch my nationality to the country I most “identify” with? How about declaring all arrests “discriminatory harassment”?     

     It’s time to ask why all this legislated PC – backed by police arrests and university retaliation for “misgendering” or otherwise hurting someone's feelings – is taking off so fast?     

     And why are we being told everyone must conform to the latest fringe diktats, long before their implications become clear?  

     Answer: Those who benefit the most are any “authorities” who do not wish to be challenged on any issue.     

     And who will lose the most from these doomed attempts to legally sanction the overnight overturning of some 350 million years of life's fundamental binary dyad?    

     This time around, the most politically incorrect result of all this manufactured discontent will likely be our own extinction.     Along the way to whatever comes next, if the price of gender confusion and conflict is the complete fissioning of already splintering nuclear families, and ultimate curtailment of already plummeting birth rates, it might be timely to examine the agendas of the dysphoric facilitators, whose child and adult victims are falling on all sides of this new divide.

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