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Men Set To Dominate Women's Sports

by William Thomas 

Be careful what you agitate for.  Tennis legend Martina Navratilova was forced to apologize for comments she made on social media saying that natural born men who “proclaim themselves female” should not be allowed to compete against women.       

     “Clearly that can't be right. You can't just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” the nine-time Wimbledon champion wrote. “There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”     

     Widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Navratilova was slammed on unsocial media for her “bullying” and “transphobic comments” against “people of alternate birth gender.”     

     As if that term makes any biological sense.     

     The 18-time Grand Slam winner said it was “cheating” and “insane” for men to compete in women’s sports. “It's not 'transphobic' to believe transgender women have an unfair physical advantage in women's sport – it's a biological fact,” pointed out a prominent TV pundit in a tweet to his 6.5 million followers.     

     UK TV personality Piers Morgan suggested a scenario in which a lower-ranking professional male tennis player decided to transition to becoming a woman and compete on the female tour.  “He, now she, would instantly be the best female tennis player that’s ever lived,” Morgan wrote. She would destroy Serena Williams, and every other woman player. She would win every major tournament, break every women’s tennis record, and win tens, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. And she would kill women’s tennis forever.

     “It’s the go-to weapon to silence anyone these days – just call them a ‘phobe’ even when they respectfully suggest something is self-evidently unfair,” Morgan added.    

     “I’ve watched all this with astonishment. First, at the fact we are even having this debate when Martina Navratilova is so obviously right. Second, that anyone like her who dares to say this is being subjected to the most appalling bullying in a bid to silence an opinion the notoriously aggressive transgender lobby doesn’t want to hear.”     

     His original post was liked more than 1,400 times inside two hours.     

     The sportswomen are at a totally unfair disadvantage,” commented Jimi Walsh, “making a total mockery of woman’s sports and athletics, and also making all the hard work and dedication that the sportswomen have put in over all the long years seem almost worthless.


A casual weight-lifter and UK rapper identified as “female” to smash the British women's deadlift record.  Zuby’s nine-second viral video demonstrates the biological strength advantages men possess over women – regardless of the gender with which they prefer to identify.     

     The rapper sought to highlight the "delusion" of those who believe a biologically male athlete should be given the “right” to “compete” alongside bio-women, while dismissing common sense arguments against such an unfair advantage as "transphobia."     

     Podcaster Joe Rogan shouted out the quick clip on the world’s most listened-to podcast. Over 5 million video views later, Oxford graduate Zuby warns that trans “rights” to pit women against male athletes could result in "crushed records" and "broken bones."     

     As Zuby daringly insists, “This is objective reality. There is an objective reality we live in. I’m very concerned about the amount of people that want to suspend objective reality in the times we live in.”     

     What’s his deal?     

     “It’s fine to have different opinions on things but there’s certain things that exist in the world that are not opinion. The fact that men are generally physically stronger and faster than women is a fact, it’s a fact we’ve been aware of for thousands and thousands of years. It's the reason why male and female sports are divided to begin with. And that should not be remotely controversial to anybody who has a very basic grounding in reality and biology,” Zuby patiently explains. “It's been a bit surreal. I didn't expect a nine-second video of me doing a deadlift to gather so much attention. So it says a lot about the times that we live in.”


Could it possibly be dangerous for women to go up against heavy, musclebound men in “full contact” or combat sports

     This has already been tried in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). “The actual results have been fractured skulls, dislocated eye sockets, broken bones – and that’s what you would expect,” Zuby transphobically notes.     

     “There’s a reason why there’s that old phrase 'men shouldn’t hit women,' and it’s based on the fact that we are physically stronger. And it’s a massive difference, particularly in upper body strength... If you took an average woman off the street I’m probably quite literally four or five times as strong as her.     

     “It’s not a small difference. So there’s a huge physical danger there in terms of broken bones, concussions, bruising, potential death. It’s the same reason why you don’t have heavyweight boxers versus featherweight boxers, because you’re going to put them at risk of death or brain damage or something like that. It’s not right. This isn’t something that should be considered political or considered being on one side or the other, this is just based in basic safety and fairness.”     

     Pre-pubescent children’s sports? 

     “Yeah maybe… But if you’re talking about a professional adult level, you’re taking the best of the best in any given sport – maybe with the exception of I think long-distance swimming or perhaps synchronized swimming – then the men will completely dominate every time. And that’s not a sexist statement. Any woman who is being honest would agree with that. It’s not going to be a competition and if it’s a competition there will not be any women in professional sports any more, you’d completely wipe them out, taken to its logical conclusion.”     

     Zuby says he can break the British women’s bench press and deadlift records – “and I don’t even compete.”     

     He adds, “It’s not about explicitly trying to exclude anyone from competing period. It's just saying that if you were born a man and you have a male frame and a male body, then you should not be competing against… You can tell by watching the video that it wasn't exerting maximum effort.” 


Meanwhile, the International Association of Athletics Federations has come under heavy trans/PC-fire for a new rule that would place a limit on testosterone for “female” athletes. Those with elevated testosterone will be prohibited from taking part in international events.      

     “If such athletes want to compete against women they should be obliged to reduce testosterone level. No one infringes on their rights to take part in athletics events, but they should understand they have a colossal advantage,” says legendary Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva – who also drew strong criticism for her remarks.     

     “If a person simply identifies himself as a woman without undergoing hormone therapy, he definitely should not be allowed to compete alongside female athletes,” she concludes.     

     “The reason we have gender classification is because if you didn’t then no woman would ever win another title or another medal or break another record in our sport,” explained Sebastian Coe, president of the IAAF.    


Men “winning” women’s competitions are now being hailed as heroes. TIME magazine’s recent list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World include male South African runner Caster Semenya for “her” historic contribution to re-imagining “biological sex”.  

     At least TIME got the imaginary part right.     

     Semenya has filed a lawsuit to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against an international  sports federation ruling that his elevated testosterone gives an unfair advantage over actual female competitors.     “Girls with lower testosterone level have minimal chances to win,” Russian pole vaulter and two-time Olympic champion, Yelena Isinbayeva, comments. “That’s why rules implemented by the IAAF should be applied to everyone.”   


Craig) Cece (Telfer) Taylor, who previously competed against men, “won” the women’s 400m hurdles championship, "finishing more than a second ahead of rival runners – proving that a mediocre male runner is stronger than even the best female athletes,” remarks Paul Arden.       

     As Adam Ford points out: 2016: Craig Telfer is ranked 200th 2017: Craig Telfer is ranked 390th 2018: Craig Telfer 'transitions to female' 2019: Caig – now CeCe – is national “women’s” champion      “This is getting beyond ridiculous. Natural born female sport is now in absolute crisis and if this is permitted to continue unchecked, XX chromosome World and Olympic records will shortly be consigned to history,” adds Mike Wynn.


Once again, the questions regarding agendas that aren’t being asked, must be asked:     

     Why are male losers who insist on their unfair “right” to compete against women being championed by corporate media?     Who benefits and who “loses” from robbing women athletes the awards due them for their years of sacrifice, dedication and will-to-win – against the best women competitors?       


No tactic aimed at eliminating women’s basic human rights is as physically dangerous and psychologically dispiriting as pitting men against women in sports arenas.     

     If growing breasts turns a man into a “woman”, at least half of all obese adult males in the USA must be women.     

     In fact, it’s chromosomes – not lifetime hormone injections and fervent declarations – that determine female and male gender. You know. The biological bifurcation resulting in yin-yang synergies. And babies.     

     How about this formula, guys? Women’s sports are now open to all men who biologically become female by changing their birth chromosomes from XY to XX, and regrowing their reproductive system.   

Photo Captions:

Philosopher "Rachel" McKinnon is  biological male women’s cycling champion

Los atletas transgenero (hombres biologicos) podran competir mujeres, confirmo -laabeja.pe

Caster Semenya wipes out women competitors © Global Look Press / Petr Sznapka