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Why We Do Not Want A Cell Tower On Our Island

Hornby Town Hall Presentation  Dec. 11, 2022          

by William Thomas

Here is the Secret Of The Universe: Everything is energy, Everything is vibration. We call these vibrations frequencies. The shorthand for frequencies is Hertz, which stands for cycles-per-second. Manmade high-frequency hertz hurts. EMFs  — or electromagnetic fields — extend perpendicular to electrical energy when it flows through copper wires, the open air zapped by a cell tower, or your body/brain.      

     Turns out, you are a highly evolved, exquisitely sensitive electrochemical instrument operating at very low voltages and frequencies. Right now, 2 trillion cells in your body/brain are whispering to each other in vital chemical exchanges, pumping life-giving chemistry through calcium-mediated cellular gateways at 1/10th volt.     

     Meanwhile, networks of specialized brain cells called neurons in your heart and gut are sending updates “upstairs” along electro-chemical pathways at .05 to 4 Hz.  Protected from the toxins and proteins in your bloodstream by a calcium-regulated blood-brain barrier, your brain is literally glowing with cognition. As you attend the guy in front of this room, whatever you’re seeing, hearing and thinking is being integrated into conscious awareness by the extremely subtle electromagnetic field formed by all this electrical activity in your sparking noggin.     

     How cool is this?


     Less cool is a proposed cell tower on our island transmitting continuously above the trees at 2.45 to 5 Gigahertz.  Giga means billion. Electromagnetic energy oscillating back-and-forth at 5 billion cycles per second v. 0.5 cycles per second is not a fair fight.     Also very uncool is that microwaves at 1/10th British safety guidelines emit frequencies causing the most disruption to cell calcium levels, allowing runaway cell division. And rogue molecules to bring their mayhem inside cells.     

     Here’s the thing: Streaming video — and immersive Virtual Reality distractions — are data hogs. And it’s the frequency modulation used to carry data that puts saw-toothed edges on pulsating RF and microwaves never before experienced in this planet’s 4 1/2 billion years.     

     Think of all the cellular damage being done by these invisible and often intersecting silent pulses as they jackhammer bodies and brains billions of times every second!  Then take another look at the router on your desk. The “always on” portable phone cradle by your bed. The not-so-smart meter on your outside wall. The phone in your pants pocket or bathing suit top. 

     See the cell towers striding across the landscape like those alien “tripod” invaders in War of the Worlds.  What if it isn’t a Martian but an “overseas” corporation that wants to stick your baby in a microwave that cannot be turned off? While whiplashing every cell in your grandmother, your kids, your pets, your partner — and you — back-and-forth 2.5 to 5 billion times every second without end?      

     When DNA is whipsawed like this, cell nuclei are ripped apart, leaving a telltale “comet trail” of micronuclei fragments that serve as medical markers for nuclear and wireless radiation poisoning.  One or both rungs of DNA’s double-helix can snap like swizzle sticks. Double-strand breaks do not self-repair. The resulting cancerous precursors occur even as broken lymphocyte cells lose their ability to mark and destroy cancer cells.  


Rogers says their proposed cell tower will comply with the corporate imposed and dangerously outdated Canadian guidelines based on briefly heating a plastic head in a shielded room.     

     Trouble is, we do not wear plastic heads like “Sam Phantom”. And we don’t live in MRI chambers. As human antennas we are awash in radio, TV, ferry radars, other frequencies. And all those towers everywhere are emitting non-heating radiation at frequencies causing the biggest disruptions to inter-cellular calcium ion transport.      

     Regarding EMFs, Canada’s safety code does stipulate that “unintentional stimulation is to be avoided”  because it has been shown “to trigger muscles and nerves.”      

     But how?     

     Biological causation and plausibility was lacking when Safety Code 6 was devised. But in the first month of 2011, the mechanism of biological causation and plausibility was provided by Curtis Bennett, a BC electrician certified inter-provincially “for working on all electricity: utilized or proposed.”      

     In preparing this presentation, I renewed my acquaintance with now “Professor” Bennett. This Red Shield electrician said: “To produce electricity you need a magnetic field and a conductor.” Regarding cell towers (and home wireless routers), we are the conductor. We are “in the circuit.”     

     “Human EMFs and wireless EMFs are not electrically compatible,” Prof. Bennett todl me. “If it’s hitting you, it’s altering you.”    Prof. Bennett explained how wireless providers “are creating electricity in a person that has its own electricity already.” This means, “You are being electrocuted by electrons moving through your body.”     

     His message to the wireless Mafia attempting to steamroller communities: You guys are in more trouble than you know. “Don’t do what you’re doing. You’re going to be liable.”     

     Since this “cellular” damage is cumulative, nearly a half-century of escalating wireless exposures are directly implicated in fast-vanishing, small-bodied insects and birds. Also, us. 


“No one’s dropping dead from EMFs in the streets yet — just in hospitals and at home” is no excuse to irradiate every square-centimeter of this endangered planet. (Elon, are you listening?)   

     What if Child Leukemia, Autism, Asthma and ADHD are directly linked to wireless?    

     What if a soft-skulled and extremely EMF-sensitive fetus or infant — drenched in wireless smog during initial cell division — permanently forfeits enough critical brain connections to face a lifetime of learning and behavioral disorders?  

     Could worldwide wireless saturation help explain why more than 1 in 6 North American children suffers some neurological disability? 

     Or why 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure?   

     What if two-minutes’ exposure during a cell phone conversation or living with a continuously transmitting cell tower opens the blood-brain barrier, allowing heat-shocked proteins into the hippocampus — where they begin to clump into the patterns eventually seen in autopsies of people stricken with Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s?   

     What if waves of free radicals released by wireless exposure leads to premature aging?   

     What if the most significant cause of disability among Canadians over age 65 is Alzheimer’s? Our overflowing dementia wards are fast becoming an $830 billion health crisis the Alzheimer Society warns will cripple “Canadian families, our health care system and economy.” 

     What if the first wireless generation to grow up epoxied to their phones and the cell towers their gaming and social media demand are succumbing to Early Onset Alzheimer’s at age 30?

     What if the wireless radiation sterilizing the ovum in young girls and women — while wiping out and disfiguring sperm in men — are prime contributors to the worldwide plunge in birth rates?   

     And what if all these drastic maladies have continued to spike in lockstep with each wireless “innovation” since the first 2G networks were rolled out in Sweden in 1977?     

     The long-proven effects of microwave and Radio Frequency radiation listed above have been detailed in more than 3,800 scientific studies — many of them military — going back to the 1940s. This irrefutable scientific evidence is why Telus, Rogers, their PR flack and regulatory accomplices refuse to discuss the growing health issues related to their products.      

     Thereby, perfectly positioning themselves for personal liability.     

     So what are we doing back here? In November 2019, three-quarters of Hornby Island respondents to a HICEEC survey called for a superior fibre-optic-only solution to our dismal internet service.     

     No to cell towers means no.


Let’s talk about the birds and the bees disappearing at freakish rates during Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Event. It’s not helping when studies across Europe show the effects of conventional cell towers on local birds and chickens to be “severe”.

     Here are some headlines following the 5G rollout in 2019:

     “5G kills 300 birds in Charlotte, North Carolina — 1st city to install 5G on massive scale”

     “Hundreds of birds dead during 5G cell phone tower experiment in The Hague, Netherlands”

     “300 birds drop dead in Anglesey”

     Local beekeepers must know that bee hairs are highly sensitive to the delicate EMFs emitted by flowers. In controlled Swiss trials, bees reacted to 4G mobile-phone signals with high-pitched “piping” alarm cues to desert their hive.Another headline: “Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G tower’ in California”     

     Other peer-reviewed studies reveal sickening wireless harm to plants, trees and cows. In Germany, forest dieback has been linked directly to microwave radiation.Insect exposures to EMF -Duke U. newhumannewearthcommunities.wordpress.com


Our emergency responders understandably want this tower to link their Emergency Operations Centre with the Area 6 Coast Emergency Network through a powerful military vector tower in Qualicum — whose “always on”, directed energy beams radiate EMFs 5-times stronger than a conventional cell tower.      

     I spoke with one of the technicians who installed Qualicum’s emergency-causing 5G tower. He told me of watching birds fly through its invisible 5 millimeter beams. And dropping dead to the ground.  

     Interestingly, the International Association of Fire Fighters has refused to allow cellular transmitters on their fire halls, declaring that their EMFs could endanger the lives of fire fighters. Erecting a monster 207-foot tower across Central Road would not help — because its radiated energy easily passes through concrete, glass and steel in a widening max power cone out to 1,000 feet. Beyond that, Trent University’s expert on the biological effects of wireless, Dr. Magda Havas told a public inquiry that anyone living within 4 km of a 4G tower could experience behavioral disorders, leukemia, diabetes and cognitive dysfunction.      

     A four-kilometer radius from the old firehall would blanket most of this island. Remember, you are an upright, saline-conductive antenna. If your phone is picking up a signal, so are you. 


5G represents a significant escalation. Make no mistake, if this 4G “Trojan Tower” is allowed to proceed, 5G antennae will quickly sprout from that mast. And our homes, school, forests, health clinic, co-op, elder village and beaches will be drowned in invisible 24/7 5G pollution patented as a pesticide.      

     Clustered 5G transmitters will initially radiate 60 GHz EMFs at “25-times more energy than a conventional 2.4 GHz cell tower,” according to the international BioInitiative Working Group. By heating oxygen molecules and spinning them apart, 60 GHz fields have an astonishing ability to strip oxygen from bloodstreams.      

     During the world’s initial COVID outbreak in China’s first 5G city, Wuhan health officials surrounded and suffused their massive field hospital with 5G transmitters to speed diagnosis that did not include the unrecognized ability of 60 GHz fields to absorb oxygen from red blood cells. As a result, an emergency became a crisis that spread deadly ventilator use to hospitals throughout the West.


Firefighters please note that trees stressed by 5G produce much more turpine — think “turpentine” — making them extremely flammable.      

     Also, please note Prof Bennett’s warning that “drywall vibrated into gypsum dust” by 5G and 4G EMFs “will affect fire separation” required to compartmentalize a fire, allowing enough time for occupants to escape.  

     First responders desiring to be in top shape should also be alert for signs of 4G and 5G wireless sickness. The Dutch, French and Spanish Governments report cell tower symptoms that include general malaise, as well as  “dizziness, nausea, fatigue, forgetfulness, nervousness, chest pain, shortness of breath, elevated blood pressure, numbness and tingling, weakness, miscarriages, ringing in the ears and difficulty concentrating.”     

     Here’s the real kicker in the teeth: because short wavelength “junk” 5G is blocked by everything — including foliage — in a heavily treed place like Hornby with Mount Geoffrey running down its spine, 5G-pulsing repeaters in many locations must be spaced every 200 feet. And suddenly we’re not talking one tower, but a hundred or more island-wide transmitters outside our wireless smart metered homes. 


Offering near-zero latency or delay, 5th Generation networks are primarily intended not to improve your download speeds. But to link an initial hundred billion toasters, refrigerators, smart meters, robots, implanted humans, autonomous vehicles — and just about everything else — in continuous conversation.      

     Unlimited connectivity will allow unlimited monitoring by corporations and security services collecting real-time data from all those gossiping gadgets to form a continuously updated profile of your everyday activities and associations.     

     And there’s a bigger problem: low-penetration 5G millimeter waves are mostly absorbed by the skin. In human animals, some “four-million sweat ducts act as helical antennas to conduct bio-effects through capillaries and nerve endings throughout the nervous system,” warns Dr Joel Moskowitz, director of community health studies at the University of California,    

     5G millimeter waves also instantly overheat the skin, the testes and the uvular fluid in the eyes. Which is why this weapon is used by the US Army to disperse (and sometimes blind) unhappy protestors. And even cause organ failure in persons designated as “the enemy”.   When the 60 GHz frequency fills up as fast as any new highway, 5G be boosted to 100 GHz.     

     That should finish us off.


Europeans are following the Precautionary Principle, which stipulates that products must not be introduced until proven safe. And if serious questions remain unresolved, this technology must be withdrawn or withheld. No safety tests have been done on 5G. None. Zero.Three more headlines: “Prominent scientists warn that 5G could pose health hazards”“Scientists warn against harmful effects of 5G in EU Appeal”“Brussels halts 5G rollout.” And so on.


Everyone — especially the voiceless ones of all species — have the right to life and bodily security. It’s not just the law. It’s several International laws prohibiting crimes against humanity. Smothering living organisms with electrosmog  violates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Nuremberg Code, the World Charter for Nature and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.     

     This means that anyone attempting or facilitating a cell tower against our expressed wishes is violating our Charter Rights and engaging in a criminal act — and will be held personally liable. Everyone — especially the voiceless ones of all species — have the right to life and bodily security.      

     Anyone attempting or facilitating a cell tower against our expressed wishes is violating our Charter Rights and engaging in a criminal act — and will be held personally liable.

     Children should never be given cell phones. Or sleep near a smart meter or a wireless router.


When humanity is racing off the cliff, asks a close friend, “Why is faster better?”     

     Does anyone really enjoy living in lockstep with so many demanding devices that are always on and never tire?     

     I submit to you that the seductive “convenience” of perpetual connectivity is far outweighed by the inconvenience of debilitating and even deadly impacts on Hornby’s wild lives, the elderly and infirm, pregnant mothers, and the children we are all obliged to protect.     

     Some say we need this tower to attract tourists who never look up. Why not instead pivot toward urban dwellers seeking refuge from EMFs — who will enjoy watching the eagles instead of screens?


Those who insist, “I don’t believe it!” are really saying: “I don’t want to know it. So I won’t look.”     

     Those who insist, “I don’t believe it!” are really saying: “I don’t want to know it. So I won’t look.”     

     Now hear this! 

     Belief is not required. Electromagnetic fields and their attendant radiation do not give a damn about anyone’s ignorant denial. 

     And neither do I.

Thank you for listening. 

Now please take action.

Sign the petition. 

Be alert to future meetings and corporate presentations. 

And be prepared to block the trucks.


Interview with Thermoguy Curtis Bennett by William Thomas (April 27, 2019)

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In late 1997, while on assignment for Environment News Service, I broke a worldwide wire story on a massive covert aerosol geoengineering operation. During eight subsequent guest appearances with radio host Art Bell, he popularized the term, “chemtrails” — a word now in common parlance worldwide.     

     Six years before, in 1991, following a private peace mission to Jordan with Vancouver artist Carl Chaplin, I served with a three-man environmental emergency response team attempting to rescue raptors and migrating birds in the minefields and oil fires of Kuwait. Their lobbying efforts to bring in more fire-fighting teams saw 1,100 burning and gushing wellheads extinguished one year ahead of schedule.      

     On returning home, I was commissioned by New Society Publishers to write a book about military impacts on the environment. While researching Scorched Earth, I learned that human-made electromagnetic fields are – by orders of magnitude – the biggest environmental pollutant on this planet. When not working to end clearcut logging, curtail pulp mill emissions and stop the smart meter rollout, I have been writing, speaking and opposing wireless EMFs ever since. 

     My articles on wireless EMFs, vaccine injuries, ocean sailing, walking with wolves and many other topics can be found on willthomasonline.net 

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Cell tower burning in Pennsylvana -CSMonitor.com

Two Maples fried by distant cell tower outside Munich State office of Criminal Investigation

Hundreds of bees drop dead around 5G towers in California - endtimeheadlines.org